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March 1, 2024

Why You Want an Agent’s Advice for Your Move

Why You Want an Agent's Advice for Your Move


No matter how you slice it, buying or selling a home is a big decision. Continue Reading.


Feb. 28, 2024

Strategic Tips for Buying Your First Home

Strategic Tips for Buying Your First Home


Buying your first home is a big, exciting step and a major milestone that has the power to improve your life. Continue Reading.



Feb. 6, 2024

Monthly Market report for January 2024

2024 is off and running, we’re already in February! How did that happen?! I feel like we just celebrated the New Year.

As we look toward the rest of our shiny new year,  it’s regularly required to look at what is immediately affecting us. Right now it’s the weather. The amount of rain and strength of the winds was a recipe for disaster. Some areas were more affected than others and it is truly my hope that you all have  pulled through relatively unscathed.

Looking at the numbers from January 2024, we appear to be off to a slow start. The numbers for the total homes sold seem to be pretty low. I do emphasize “seem” because  when comparing January 2024 to January 2023, we can see that we are on par for this time of year. Atascadero saw 15 homes sold in January 2024 which is up from the 14 homes sold in January 2023. Paso Robles numbers were up, selling 26 homes in January 2024 as compared to the 23 homes sold in January 2023. Templeton is the only town slightly down with selling just 1 home in January 2024, it recorded 2 homes sold in January 2023.

In terms of sales price, however, we again see that median sales prices are up in Paso Robles, +19%, and Templeton up +4%. Atascadero saw a slight decrease of -12%. When comparing the average sales price to the average list price, all three towns are above 95%. That means homeowners, on average, were able to sell their homes for between 95% - 98% of the asking price. We continue to see these high comparison rates month after month, indicating that the Central Coast’s home market is stable and still very desirable.

Perhaps the biggest difference we see when looking at the January 2024 numbers is the days on market. For so long we have been in the single digits to low teens, but this month we saw quite a jump. Atascadero median days on market was 34, Paso Robles was 30 and Templeton was 1 (but remember Templeton only had 1 home sell). These higher days on market can seem alarming, but when we compare those to January 2023, they’re very similar. On average, November, December and January are slow months in the Real Estate market. The end of the year is filled with large holidays and the last thing on most homeowners’ minds during that time of year is selling their home. Most will want to get through the holidays before they explore selling their home. But, I can tell you from the number of listing appointments that I have been on lately, Spring is going to be a popular time! So, if you’re ready to buy the home of your dreams or sell your home to move onto the next chapter of your life, get ready now so you’re ready to go when the housing market heats up again.

Feb. 6, 2024

2 of the Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

2 of the Factors That Impact Mortgage Rates

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Jan. 31, 2024

Just Sold! 13440 Del Rey Rd, California Valley

Just Sold! 13440 Del Rey, California Valley

Congratulations Baxter for representing the buyers of this home in California Valley. Baxter had been working with these buyers since October and he was able to help his clients navigate a complicated escrow process and successfully close on this home. His clients are thankful for his expertise, knowledge and patience.


Jan. 26, 2024

Are More Homeowners Selling as Mortgage Rates Come Down?

Are More Homeowners Selling as Mortgage Rates Come Down?

If you’re looking to buy a home, the recent downward trend in mortgage rates is good news because it helps with affordability. Continue Reading



Jan. 18, 2024

#1 Residential Listing Agent for Atascadero

#1 Listing Agent for Atascadero

The numbers are in and I am so honored that once again I have earned the title of #1 residential listing agent for Atascadero. That’s 3 years in a row! I’m also excited to announce that I am ranked amongst the top 1% of listing agents on the Central Coast.

Thank you to all my clients who have trusted me to handle the sale or purchase of their home. I appreciate every one of you.

I look forward to what 2024 has to offer and if you need help buying or selling a home, please keep me in mind.

Jaime Silveira


DRE #01706045

Jan. 11, 2024

Let's Talk Life Changes

Let's Talk Life Changes

Sometimes a conversation with the right person can help. Let Jaime provide the no-obligation answers you’ve been looking for.

Jan. 10, 2024

Monthly Market report for December 2023

It’s 2024 and we hope that this New Year finds you and your family happy and healthy.  The holidays are behind us and it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions.  Have you made yours?  Are you sticking to it?  Well, Malik Real Estate is going to continue to update you on what is happening in the Real Estate market here on the Central Coast.

The numbers are in for December and they line up with what we typically see this time of year.  For Atascadero the number of homes sold went down from this time last year, but the median sales price went up.  For both Paso Robles and Templeton, the number of homes sold went up pretty significantly and the median sales price went up slightly.  However, all three cities continue to see home prices remaining strong.  When comparing the average sales price to the average list price, homes are closing slightly below the list price.

Something interesting to note is the large increase in the median days on market for Templeton.  Out of the six homes that sold, five of them were on the market in the double digits, skewing the number upwards.  Paso Robles also saw a rise in the median days on market while Atascadero’s went down. These numbers are still historically low when comparing to pre-Covid numbers and I anticipate as Spring comes around, the numbers will again lower.

Here are some statistics for Atascadero, Paso Robles and Templeton for the month of December 2023.  If you would like to see information on other Central Coast cities, please let us know.

Jan. 3, 2024

Get Ready To Buy a Home by Improving Your Credit Score

Get Ready To Buy a Home by Improving Your Credit Score

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